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Augmented Reality

Bring Your Print to Life with AR

AR allows you to share your story and further educate your clients using the power of video and virtual buttons. The options are endless when it comes to AR design and capabilities. If you require something more complex, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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Video is a powerful tool when it comes to educating the buyer. An AR Video will play on top of the printed piece as if it were "glued" to the print. See AR Setup Guidelines for recommended file formats.

AR Video
Please upload a file...

Please upload your video using the "UPLOAD" button above and provide instructions as to where you would like the video placed and the approx. size you want the video to be using the space below.

(Example: Have my video placed directly beneath our logo on the front cover at approx. 3" x 5" in size)


Virtual Buttons

The use of digital buttons allows users to connect with you and your brand quickly and conveniently. Download and explore our free virtual button examples.

"LANDING PAGE" - Button (Visit Our Website, Buy Now, etc.)

"EMAIL ME" - Button
Enter Recipient Email Address
Enter Default Subject Line
Enter Default Message

"CALL ME NOW" - Button
Enter in Default Phone Number

"SAVE MY CONTACT INFO." - Large Button
Enter First Name
Enter Last Name
Enter Company Name
Enter Email Address
Enter Mobile Phone Number
Enter Work Phone Number
Enter Home Phone Number
Enter Postal Address
Enter Website URL
Enter Facebook Username (username only)
Enter in Twitter Username (username only)
Enter LinkedIn Username (e.g. in/username)
Enter YouTube Username (e.g. user/zappartv)

Event Name
RSVP Email Address
Event Start Date
Event End Date
Event Start Time
Event End Time
Zime Zone
Event Location/Address
Please upload a file...

Upload all your custom buttons using the "UPLOAD" button above and provide instructions in the space below as to where you would like each virtual image/button placed within your Trigger Image. Need help creating virtual buttons? Download and explore our free virtual button examples or contact us for custom designs.


1) Place the "Tutorial" button centered under our product picture

2) Have our "Call Me" button placed just to the right of my profile photo

3) Place our AR Video directly in the center of our front cover


Set the mood for your AR experience by uploading the perfect tune. From classical to upbeat, choosing the right tempo for your AR experience can make the difference. See AR Setup Guidelines for recommended file formats.

Please upload a file...

3D Model

3D models are a great way to educate the user about your product and create a powerful interactive experience. The ability to add animation and allow users to customize the model is a very effective way to create a unique and personal experience. The possiblities are endless, so we encourage you to contact us so we can learn more about your needs.

3D MODEL - Call for pricing

NOTE: Once we receive your order, we will create a unique "Zapcode" to be placed within your trigger image (as small as 10mm). Place the unique Zapcode within your trigger image along with a strong call-to-action. Once completed, please send us the final print file of the trigger image and we will build your AR experience. ZAP AWAY!!!

Still have questions? Don't worry, AR has a lot to offer and we are here to answer your questions. Contact us with your questions.

Zapcode Example: